The Dark Side of EduBirdie

by Will Martins/ Updated November 20, 2018

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Academic Investigations. Today we are not going to review a website but discover all hidden rocks and dirty methods it uses to market itself. You might have heard of EduBirdie and Edusson scandal featured on most of the media worldwide:

pay for academic cheating

youtube stars being paid for cheating

school cheats shame

promote academic cheating

Truth to be told, all those news sites are too hysterical about the issue. Let’s set all “moral” arguments against cheating aside and review the key facts of the situation with EduBirdie.

  1. EduBirdie paid bloggers for posting reviews. The way they did it is unprofessional and poorly hidden from spectators
  2. YouTubers did not give a shit about EduBirdie services and obviously they have never used it themselves. Check out the video of how YouTubers advertise EduBirdie – that’s pathetic. The guys look dumb and incompetent in what they are advertising. This brings us to the third issue:
  3. EduBirdie spreads fake reviews about their service at a huge scale. I am not a fan of their service. In fact, I find it way below average in my review.

Don’t get my wrong. I do not condemn EduBirdie for helping students to cheat. You know that I am here to advise you which essay writing service is the best and not to criticize people’s choice. What I argue against is the way they are trying to mislead you guys by running fake advertisements on seemingly credible channels.

If EduBirdie’s ads do not correspond to their actual service, then they are liars and do not worth your attention.

Another interesting discussion about EduBirdie can be found on one of my favourite “Academic Sherlock Holmes” websites – EssayScam. They did a small research and found in google webarchive an order for proofreading placed by EduBirdie representative. EduBirdie clearly stated that they needed to proofread a few pages of their website. Loool! The essay writing company hires people from other writing company to proofread their site.

edubirdie-projectIn case you have any doubts in my words, check this BBC video to see how pathetic YouTube “stars” are in advertising a shitty academic writing website:

I know there are over 250 YouTubers who were involved into this crappy scheme. Just a few names for you to despise:



And many other so-called “influencers”

To summarize, don’t let fake reviews trick you. Practice shows that even the most respected people will do everything to mislead you for the sake of getting paid.

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