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by Will Martins/ Updated September 26, 2019
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1. Site overview

2.5 out of 5.0

BestDissertation is the best custom writing service… Huh, which of them isn’t, right? Is this site any different? One would think that it only focuses on dissertations and thesis writing, and that’s what the main page says, but if you check samples and the services list, it becomes pretty obvious that it’s just another writing service.

And according to reviews, it offers the same classic list of services, paper types, and academic levels, from high school to PhD.

I’m not sure why they would choose such a specific name though, but since I came across it, I decided to let them write my sociology article critique I was just assigned and had enough time till the deadline.

best dissertation review

2. Customer support

This must be the only part of the site I was satisfied with. There is a live chat I used to clarify a few things since the FAQ section was very small and unhelpful. Other options are to contact them via email or by phone.

3. My experience 

It’s stated that the site was created back in 2002, and I quickly believed that since it looks that way. However, when I checked it with the Wayback Machine, it turned out that it used to look way worse.

The earliest snapshot was from 2007, and at that point the page was empty. In 2008, however, it was already packed with text. They have dialed back on all the text and redesigned the site several times since then, but it still looks at least 10 years old.

Have they lied about their history? Is scam? I was eager to find that out.

4. Order form 

There’s no way to miss big orange Order Now buttons located several times throughout the page. What they lead to is a pretty usual order form, but my God, could you make it any longer in terms of scrolling?!

order form

If you find Best Dissertation reviews praising the site for its looks and convenience in use, consider them fake at once.

The interesting thing I noticed is that the price only changes when you change the writer’s level (Standard, Advanced, and Premium), but not when you switch between high school, undergraduate, Master, or Phd. That made me ask myself, “Is BestDissertation fraud after all?” I had to be completely sure.

5. Discounts and pricing 

The prices are not the lowest you can find, especially for orders with shorter deadlines. So, if you order a 1-page essay written by a standard writer within 10 days, you will have to pay $16 for that. The same paper done in 3 hours would cost $44.


Considering there is a 15% discount for new customers, it’s still an acceptable price provided you get a good paper. And according to the BestDissertation testimonials posted on the site, the quality is exceptional. I guess they were ordering somewhere else…

6. Revisions

Before ordering, I made sure I would have a chance to receive a free revision. This is indeed what they promise if you make a request within 14 days from the document receipt (30 days for longer papers).

So, can we just proclaim safe and be done with it? I wish I could.

7. Final quality

I have no idea how these guys deal with dissertations after seeing what was supposed to be my paper. It contained numerous mistakes, and some sentences didn’t make any sense.

Sure, I didn’t order an Advanced plagiarism check feature, but I didn’t like the Turnitin results I got after checking it myself. This was the crucial part after which my Best Dissertation review could not be a positive or even a neutral one.

8. Writer’s proficiency

It did not seem like the writer was a native English-speaker. And there is no information about them except those vague promises of having passed a rigorous selection process and being certified PhD writers.

I doubt that the company employs 500 of them as it says. What would be the chances of getting such an awful “expert” who wrote my paper? I don’t buy it.

writer's proficiency

9. People talking 

What about other people? I will leave the testimonials on the site itself aside for obvious reasons. SiteJabber shows a 4.5/5 stars rating with 39 reviews, only one of which is negative.

I would say that all the others are quite believable, but not after my experience and some other detailed comments about this service on the Internet.

I mean, for most of those people this BestDissertation review is the only one they have on the platform. So, I’m supposed to believe that they signed up just to recommend this one service?

And those few of them with 3 or 5 posts have reviewed such sites as Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, etc. Pathetic! Seems more like a cheap trick to create the reputation cannot earn on its own.

10. Loyalty program

There’s a loyalty program, alright. You get 5% off after ordering 10 to 51 pages, 10% off after 51 to 101 pages, and 15% if order over 101 pages.

loyalty program

11. Pros and Cons


  • A discount for the first order;
  • Friendly customer support;
  • A loyalty program.


  • Overpriced additional features;
  • Shady history and online reputation;
  • An inconvenient order form;
  • Unacceptable quality of writing;
  • The lack of information about the writers.

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