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1. Site overview

Today I am going to provide you with superbpaper review. It is another quite well-known custom paper writing service. The site looks quite user-friendly and carefully designed to lead a customer to make a purchase. The general appearance leaves a quite pleasant impression but the devil’s in the details, right? Let’s try to find if they have one in theirs. home page


  • No calculator! Oh boy, it’s 2k18 and people don’t want to waste their time with support or do some extra actions to find out the price of the paper. I understand that putting a button ORDER FREAKING NOW is way more important than easing your customer’s life, but please, try to save your customer’s time, it’s priceless!
  • The FAQ section provides incorrect information. In the FAQ they say that they can handle your paper within 8 hours, whereas the pricing section allows you to choose a 24-hour deadline only (we will get back to this later on)how much time do you need to write my paper
  • Aggressive and inappropriate marketing. When you land on their site, you can also see a popup window that asks you to subscribe to their newsletter to get promotions. The trick is that they add you to their database without a possibility to unsubscribe from it :facepalm: Another funny thing is that you actually have to wait for a promo campaign to get a discount, they don’t send you one immediately to your email (which would be quite logical: I come to the website to buy a paper and they say: “Wait a few days brah”) Lifehack: don’t be shy to ask for bigger discounts. As a new customer I was entitled for a 5% off but after I asked their support for something bigger, they did not hesitate to give me 10% off.

Superbpaper subscribeSuperbpaper subscribe 2Superbpaper subscribe 3
The rest of the site looks quite legit, so they get a firm 4 out of 5 for it.superb statistics

2. Customer support

My experience with chat support was really good. Eric was polite and quick. He answered to all my questions without issues. However, he also mentioned that the service is located in London, UK, while the accent of support on the phone sounded more like Russian or Polish. That’s totally fine with me, I have a rich experience of communicating with international support, but I find it very impolite to lie to the customer even before he has placed an order. Other services put it quite straightforward – “Guys, we need to outsource support to ensure better salaries for our writers. After all they are the people who make the job done”. Anyways, I would rate chat assistance 5 out of 5. superbpaper support chat

However, once you dig deeper and place an order, be ready for the hell of customer service. I sent them a message to edit my paper details and add some more info for the writer. The first reply came in 6 minutes and it was totally out of topic! I believe it was a generic template that bears no informational value to customer. In another 12 minutes they sent me another out-of-topic message and never edited my paper details as requested. I would rate message support 2 out of 5.superbpaper support chat 2superbpaper support chat 3

Be ready to waste a lot of time with support or be not like me and provide all details at once.

3. My experience

I placed only 1 order with those guys for the test purposes. The topic was quite easy and, as expected, the writer had no issues with it. I had a few minor revision comments but my overall experience will be 4.5 out of 5. Good job! As usual, I always edit all papers myself, so the final result was A-. A good result that should be taken with a pinch of salt because of the pricing (will be discussed a bit later)

4. Order form

Order form is a classic 3-step page that allows you to provide all paper details and upload files. I got very confused with their Academic Level distribution, because they have both College and University levels with different pricing. They explained that College level is better for freshmen and sophomores, whereas University is better for junior and senior year students. Sounds like a big bullshit for me, because who would actually sit and think of the differences between College and University? Also, will the same writer working on College and University papers deliver better quality for Bachelor level and worse for College? Honestly, I don’t know.
superbpapers order form
superbpapers order form 2

The deadline range is quite poor! They only offer 24 hours, 48 hours, 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 14 days. Probably won’t be the best choice for urgent orders (other services offer 3-6-8-12-hour delivery).

Superbpaper offers 4 different categories of writers: Best available, Advanced, ENL, and Preferred.

Advanced writer will cost you the additional 25%. According to their assurances, this will be one of the best experts in the subject field.

ENL writer will cost the additional 30% and now comes the interesting part. When I asked support on whether the rest of writers are non-native speakers, they vaguely said that they may, or may not, be them. It sounded like “They live in the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and UK but we don’t care about their nationality”. If that was true, why do they care about nationality of the ENL writers then? Beware of using this bundle! It really sounds fakey

Plagiarism report is worth taking if you are overly concerned about originality of your work. However, as I mentioned in my other reviews, such reports only give you percentage for online plagiarism and won’t save you from bad paraphrasing or fake sources. Use it if you have extra $9.99. Otherwise, the official TurnItIn project will be the most secure option for you.

Abstract page costs $14.99! That’s a lot for a 100-150-word summary, given that the writer knows what this paper is about and it takes but 5-7 minutes to write one. Totally not worth it.

VIP Support will be the additional $14.99 and, as per the description, “a personal manager will be tracking your order 24/7 until final delivery”. Another useless bundle, because no person can work 24/7, and if there is more than a couple of such managers, the effect won’t be different from regular support’s watching your case. Maybe this option would do with big orders where you will be given priority, but for cheap orders it’s definitely not a dealbreaker.

5. Discounts and pricing

Once you get to their site you are immediately being offered a 5% discount. If you visit the “Pricing” section, you will see the following: “Looking to save some money? Stick with us, we offer generous discounts on a regular basis!” Unfortunately, it neither says how to get a discount, not the amount of a discount. Thanks guys, I will stick with you, never! superbpaper prices

On the landing page they say that their prices start as low as $10 per page (for High School), going up to $14 per page for Undergraduate, $16 for University, $22 for Master’s and $29 for PhD. And this is where the magic only starts. superbpaper calculator

I picked 2 pages within 24 hours and chose Biology coursework on some general topic (describe your pet’s organs). The price tag for this work was $64 bucks.  I said, “Wow, that’s expensive”, and placed an order. After being redirected to the payment page they had a popup window asking me to upgrade my order to ENL writer and Plagiarism report, which totalled $93.19! Ninety-three-fucking-nineteen for a 2-page general knowledge paper! superbpaper order summary

My verdict: the pricing policy is very deceiving and their “Starting as low a $10” is just a marketing trick. Be ready to pay some big bucks if you want to make it urgently.

6. Revisions

Superbpaper offers unlimited number of revisions, no questions, good job! However, be warned that you have 10 days after approval to sent the paper for revision, otherwise, you will have to pay additional fees.

Since we have touched some policy issues here, I decided to carefully read their Money Back Guarantee to get the answer to the main question Is superbpaper legit?”:

  • If they charged you twice/never found the writer/were late (read: never delivered anything) then you get 100% of your money back. Now to the interesting:
  • If we missed your deadline. In such case, we need to investigate and find out the reason for the delay. We will not provide a full, nor partial refund if our client fails to provide us with detailed instructions on how we should perform the paper. Kindly note that it is imperative to point out your expectations, clearly state your requirements and double check your uploaded materials, which may be required for the successful completion of the task.” – holy shit, do you see exactly what I do? This is the best MBG I have seen so far! These guys tell you that you won’t get ain’t shit if they believe you have not provided good paper details. Also, and now read it carefully: if they miss your deadline, they don’t give you the money back but have to investigate why the deadline was missed. Welcome to Idiocracy, guys!
  • Joke #2 “If we fail to find a writer for a revision, a 15-50% refund will be issued and if the revised paper is delivered after the designated deadline, a 15% refund will be issued.” Let me explain this to you: if you receive a shitty work, you may get only 50% back, because these guys can always say that they did not find the writer for revision. If someone revised that shit, then you can get only 15% back. End of joke.

Don’t get me wrong, I describe the very rare situations (personally I can recall only a few such cases with other services) but if they happen to you, the MBG will be your enemy. So make sure to read everything you agree to, otherwise you risk losing your money and get a shitty work.

7. Final quality

As I said, the final quality was good. Luckily, I have not crashed into all those hidden rocks described above and everything turned out well. I received a well-deserved A- after my personal editing and this partially explained the high price for an urgent order.

Writer’s proficiency

The writer was good. He definitely had a grasp of this topic and did a small research. Kudos to you brah!

8. People talking

Superbpaper is decently well exposed on reviewing sites.

On Sitejabber they have only 3 bad reviews in a row, written in a similar manner, so I expect them to be fake. The rest of feedbacks are great. Only one person complained about pricing but admitted that the quality was good. 4.5 out of 5superbpaper reviews at sitejabber

On Trustpilot they don’t have too many feedbacks but they are all 5 stars. 5 out of 5superbpaper reviews at trustpilot

9. Loyalty program

They claim to have one but no information is given on their website. However, they have a cool referral program that can be a good source of extra income.

10. Pros and Cons


  • Great writing quality
  • Good chat support
  • Referral program


  • Annoying marketing
  • High prices
  • Shadow money back policy
  • No urgent deadlines
  • Poor support in messages
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