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Essayroo Review

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Essayroo Review


  • Great website design and user-friendly interface
  • Clear and extensive price policy


  • A slow support team
  • Paper quality is below average
  • It's really expensive for real college assignments
Owned by NetFix LLC
Years in operation 6
Minimal price per page $13.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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4.9 out of 5.0





Hi everyone!

Let me express my thoughts and feelings regarding Essayroo.com a paper writing service that claims to be located in Australia and hiring only English Native Speakers as their writers.

Literally, a dream come true: finally we've found a paper writing company working only with native speakers. Or haven't we? Read this Essayroo review to know the truth.

I won't lie, I really liked the colors and overall design of the website with a funny kangaroo holding a paper in its hand and a pencil in its pouch. Now I realize that this image is literal because my paper was really written by a kangaroo instead of a human being. But let's move on to the website itself.

It has a price calculator that shows you the exact price of your future paper based on the type of paper, number of pages, deadline, academic level, etc.

As we can see, the price starts at almost 17 Australian dollars, which approximately equals 13 American dollars. The website's functionality is great, it has all the necessary information regarding the service, the discounts, the clients' feedbacks, info about their writers, etc.

While I do realize that the pleasant and user-friendly picture made me click on the button "Order Now", I should have studied their services more precisely and check the feedback of real buyers instead.

Customer support

This is where strange things started happening. The support team in the chat is sooooo slow that they should have chosen a turtle instead of a kangaroo for their brand image. Imagine this, I was just asking basic questions about their company and their writers and it took at least 1-2 minutes to reply.

Moreover, after asking another question, I've managed to make a cup of coffee and return to my desk, while the support team representative was still gathering his thoughts to reply to the question "who are your writers?"Like, for real?

Legend has it that he's still typing somewhere. Jokes aside, guys, this is really not how you're gonna provide customer support if you want to make money.

My experience

Okay, I can cope with such a support team as long as their writers provide good quality of the product. To be honest, I'm not really into studying hard and prefer working and earning money for my own living and gaining real practical experience.

So, as you can imagine, in order to work and study at the same time, I had to "outsource" something that was less important for me. Obviously, I would not want someone to go to work instead of me because I'm currently working as an assistant in the Insurance company, the payment is really meh but I gotta start somewhere.

So, I've ordered 4 pages essay on Biology from Essayroo. The deadline was 3 days and I had to pay almost $100 for this. I don't know about other companies, but this is rather expensive! If you compare to doing it by yourself for freea|I should have done it by myself though.

Order form

Their order form contains all possible and impossible details and characteristics that might affect the paper's price. In other words, this beautiful and detailed order form shows you exactly the details that will make your paper even more expensive. Want a UK writer? Pay more! Want a personal support agent dealing with your order? Pay even more!

All of these originality reports, writer choices, summaries, and additional services cost significant sums of money actually! So basically instead of paying for the paper itself, you also are highly stimulated to pay even more "to make your paper perfect".

Guess what, guys? I want it perfect initially without a personalized support agent and a Top 1% writer. Basically, I'm starting to think that even these additional charges wouldn't have saved my paper from being completely late.

Discounts and pricing

Essayroo prices are quite high. You will have to pay $19.22 per one page of an essay that will be ready in two weeks. Need an urgent paper, be ready to spend around $59. It can be cheaper if you order the longest deadline and the lowest academic level. Anyway, at least it's an honest thing to do to provide a full spectrum of prices and charges they collect.

But these "free features" are ridiculous, for real. Like, thanks for formatting and making a title page for free guys, you're my saviors! Outline and bibliography should go for free by default and it does not mean that you show your generosity by making them "free".


Is Essayroo legit? Let's check their guarantees. The company offers an unlimited number of revisions within 14 days after the order's delivery. Anyway, the paper was written really awfully the first two times and when I got the third revised variant of the paper, it was late to submit it.

Great! I've wasted several days and a hundred bucks for being late with the paper. So, it's good that the company's ready to revise the paper, but it's bad that they could not have done the order from the first try.

Final quality and Writer's proficiency

Is Essayroo.com scam? It is up to you to judge. As I told you, my paper was full of typos and grammar mistakes. Seemed like it was completed by not an English speaker, but by someone who just learns to use the language.

It was also sad that they have failed to meet the deadline and deliver the paper on time. I also did not have any chance to communicate with the writer, and it seemed like several different writers have been working on my paper. So, is Essayroo reliable? I cannot say that this is a good service.

People talking

Essayroo.com.reviews are extremely mixed, while ones are praising Essayroo for saving their lives and voting them for the next President, the others really curse them with all possible words and phrases.

As for me, I gladly join the latter and would like to express my disappointment but I don't want to use explicit phrases in this post. Children may be reading these Essayroo reviews, as well.

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What do essayroo.com testimonials say? It's hard to answer because there are reviews with one or five stars, which makes me doubt their credibility. So some students praise them greatly while others criticize with all possible words.
What is essayroo.com rating? The company's rating ranges greatly at different websites, but the average is about 4.2 our of 5. But I give them no more than 2.9 out of 5.0 based on my experience.
Is essayroo.com reliable? Definitely not. They failed my deadline, and the delivered paper was full of grammar mistakes and typos. I also couldn't communicate with a writer and had a feeling that different people worked on my essay.
Is essayroo.com legit? They offer an unlimited number of free revisions within 14 days, but they are not helpful. The paper quality was still terrible after two reviews, and the third variant they delivered too late.
Is essayroo.com scam? I described above my experience in detail, so judge for yourself. In any case, I think this service is not worth student time and money, as they can leave with nothing.

Comments (3)

cutelalabug8 says:

at 2021-03-11 19:31:00


3.0 out of /5.0

I did not like the first paper I received, It was terribly written. my paper was over due I did not realize how low of quality paper I would get by choosing best available writer I anticipated at the very least a half decent paper, but my son in high school could have written it better. I thought by paying extra for TOP writer it would improve dramatically, while the overall paper ideas were better the large amount of spelling and grammatical errors were of concern to me, someone that I would consider a TOP writer would not have made those sorts of errors even in a rough draft. I was hoping this would be a smooth paper that required little attention from me because I am dealing with a loss of family member, my child had surgery and became ill, and just one thing after another I did not have the time or mental capacity to write this paper at this time, so having to review and suggest revisions was difficult to do without simply writing the paper myself. I found some relief time wise by outsourcing for my paper but it was not as simple and straight forward as I had hoped for. If I use this service in the future I would give it one last try if it does not meet my expectations then I likely wouldn't use it again, but next time I would absolutely give more time, make sure to have a good solid week for a quality paper and time for revision if necessary. I also hoped to receive email updates on the progression of my paper but I did not receive emails so had to keep checking my account on the site, not very convenient. also again I would NEVER use best available writer, nor would I ever suggest or recommend anyone else to do so.

soccerkinz17 says:

at 2021-04-28 21:35:00


2.8 out of /5.0

the customer support was horrible. I paid for a 6 page college paper and when they only gave me five pages, they were extremely rude and refused to give me the sixth page. would only give me 100 more words.

taylorseim says:

at 2021-06-08 19:31:00


2.8 out of /5.0

I absolutely feel like I got scammed. This opinion will change if I get a refund, which I'm apparently not eligible for because I approved the paper. But I feel like I was lied to and scammed.

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2.5 out of 5.0